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DENU Temp Flow

DENU Temp Flow

Light Curing semi-gel type temporary composite resin

Used as temporary filling material to isolate prepared dental cavity from the extreme oral conditions before dental prosthetic installation.
Semi-gel type to be directly discharged to the dental cavity through disposable tip for easy application.

Shade: Yellow
No easily deviation till dental prosthetic installation
Semi-gel type temporary restoration material (Discharge available through disposable tip)
Easy to remove, No debris left after removal
Excellent sealing ability, Adhesive to the side of Dental cavities
Easy to check debris after removal with visible color (blue, light blue, yellow)

- Temporary restoration for inlay, onlay cavity
- Temporary flling and sealing, Temporary filling for implant abutment
- Damp-blocking temporary sealing
5 x 2g syringes, disposable tips / pack
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