Dental farm product range has been changing and evolving along with the three generations that brought the in thousands of dental laboratories all over the world.

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  • Innovation: the pursuit of perfection

    Dentalfarm has been acting as a well-established player throughout the global dental industry, focusing its core business on the manufacture and distribution of equipment, accessories and consumables for the Dental Laboratory. Actively pursuing a steady growth, Dentalfarm has been able to combine both creativity and efficiency, innovation and tradition.

  • Experience: the first step towards innovation

    During the course of its history, Dentalfarm has been manufacturing equipment thanks to the high quality, refinement, reliability and advanced technical solutions which have often been identified as a reference starting point for the entire dental field. Today, thanks to this experience, Dentalfarm introduces a new line of sandblasters, light-curing units and steam cleaners designed to combine technological high performance with innovative design.

  • Design serving technology

    This new range incorporates the most advanced technology in the industry with an eye for aesthetics, the more rounded and harmonious lines enhance the design of the product. The accurate choice of materials and attention to technical details are crucial aspects of this ambitious project.