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Austromat 624i

Austromat 624i

The expert for perfect firing results.

  • Even heat distribution through closed chamber design
  • Automatic control of the drying and cooling to optimize aesthetics
  • DEKEMA-specific firing chamber concept for excellent firing results in all temperature ranges
  • Thermocouple made of platinum/platinum-rhodium, purest quality with regulation quality far below 1° C
  • Individually selectable drying positions of the lift
  • Variable vacuum switch-on point, independent of preheating temperature
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DEKEMA Autodry 

Simulates the object temperature and automatically regulates the distance between the firing object and the firing chamber with the vibration-free lift for precise and accelerated drying, heating and cooling phases.

DEKEMA. Serie i Features.

  • DEKEMA Internet database furnace connection
  • Internet program streaming
  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • iDREAM: VNC viewer for remote control
  • X-DREAM: Computer program for querying the furnace state and
    emailing QM data
  • Quality management: Recording of process data
    • AUSTROMAT 624i firing furnace
    • Country-specific power cable to connect to outlets
    • Vacuum pump with a vacuum hose and connecting cable
    • Insulation table, furnace tweezers
    • Calibration set for calibrating the temperature
    • Remote access & control via mobile device or PC, DEKEMA database access & online updates
    • Operating instructions
    • Packaging material (Cardboard boxes, foam material for protecting against impacts)

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