CARYN – the ultimate line in TAVOM – it converges essential quality, challenging aesthetics and otimised functionality spiced-up by a maximum level of ergonomics – to offer highly customised client solutions, adapting to any dental studio or lab.
CARYN is based onto structure and onto a plinth. Due to a quick wall fixation, the suspending version grants ideal hygienic floor standards. The broad variety of available modules satisfies the most sophisticated customer expectations.
Though being a classic line, the drawer slide rails grant a soft closing and complete extraction.
Selecting a suitable worktop may have an imposing and distinguishing  impact among traditional furnishing elements.
CARYN is very suitable to furnish  sterilisation premises by taking advantage of available spaces. Both modularity of elements and our broad company experience gathered in several decades facilitate a customised design of sterilization rooms.





This is demonstrated by these services and features:
  • 2D and 3D designing of the work premises to be furnished
  • Customization, based on clients‘ characteristics and specifications
  • Broad choice of handles in different shapes and finishings (chromed, anodized, satined)
  • Selection of worktops – realizable in different technical, synthetical and natural materials