Asiga 3D printers are widely regarded for delivering exceptional results for all dental indications. Tried, tested and well proven across production centres globally, Asiga 3D printers provide peace of mind for the high throughput lab to the smaller boutique dental laboratory.

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“Asiga’s high quality and reliability make it a great option for the lab.”

Dental precision as it should be.

Robust 3D printers for the Dental Laboratory.

From implant models with removable dies to 3D printed dentures and everything in between.

Asiga 3D printers are designed specifically for production environments where production continuity and patient safety are paramount.

Production reliability

Fast DLP printing technologies for time critical production with the added benefit of our proprietary SPS ™ technology for output control, repeatability and peace of mind, no matter how large the workload.

Simple user controls including rapid material change-overs without the need for calibration, on-board climate control, rapid calibration when required.