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Zeta Plus Kit ( Putty, Light, Catalyst)

Zeta Plus Kit ( Putty, Light, Catalyst)


ZETA PLUS I is the condensation silicone - first layer. It Is susceptible to pressure and resistant to deformation. The product provides high hardness after work and increased liquidity and high dimensional stability. It has a pleasant smell of mint and green color. Ideal in difficult conditions, is popular among the most demanding dental technicians.


Oranwash L:

 Oranwash is the C-silicone with very high liquidity. It is recommended to use as a correction mass in two-layer technique impression. Ideally penetrates the tooth pockets.

 Indurent Gel

Indurent gel is a catalyzer to base and correction type C mass.


The package contains:

 -ZetaPlus Putty 900ml.

 -Indurent Gel 60ml.

 -Oranwash 140ml.

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