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Zeta 3 Wipes Popup Alcohol Free

Zeta 3 Wipes Popup Alcohol Free

Zeta 3 Wipes POP-UP are large wipes impregnated with reduced alcohol content solution for the rapid disinfection and cleansing of medical devices surfaces including the most delicate ones.


Large wipes impregnated with a weak alcohol solution for rapid disinfection and cleaning of the surfaces of even the most delicate medical devices.

Active ingredients: quaternary ammonium salts. (MINT FRAGRANCE)


„ High protection: bactericidal, fungicidal, tubercolicidal and virucidal.

„ Dermatologically tested.

„ Strong, soft and compact fabric .

„ Safe to use: free from aldehydes and phenols.


Rub Zeta 3 Wipes POP-UP thoroughly over the entire surface to be cleaned, making sure that the surface is left evenly damp and leave the product work for.


Soft pack of 100 wipes

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