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Zeta 3 Foam Alcohol Free Refill 3000ml

Zeta 3 Foam Alcohol Free Refill 3000ml

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Zeta 3 Foam Alcohol Free Refill 3000ml (LEMON FRAGRANCE)

A ready-to-use, alcohol-free disinfectant and cleaner foam. Especially suitable for more delicate medical device surfaces.

Active ingredients: 5th generation quaternary ammonium salts.


„ High protection: bactericidal, yeasticidal, tubercolicidal and virucidal

„ Tested compatibility with surfaces , including the most delicate ones.

„ Practical: the highly visible nature of the foam makes it easy to spread over the entire surface to disinfect

„ Safe to use: free from aldehydes and phenols


Spray  Zeta 3 Foam onto the objects to disinfect and distribute evenly over the entire surface with a wipe. Leave the instruments to dry.

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