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Tropicalgin (Mango) is a chromatic alginate for versatile use.

The chromatic variation provides the practitioner with a visual guide when processing the material for impression taking.
It is available in Fast and Extra-Fast Setting Time versions to satisfy the diverse requirements of professional dentists.


• Chromatic


• The chromatic variation provides practitioners with a visual guide during the various processing phases: red during mixing, orange during the working phase and yellow during positioning in the patient’s mouth

•  Different setting times(Fast/Extra Fast)*: to satisfy different dentists’ requirements

• Its characteristic scent favors patient comfort

Clinical Times (Fast)

Working time (including mixing time) 1' 35" 1' 15"

Time in mouth 1' 00" 25"

Setting time 2' 35" 1' 40"

Pack Type

1 x 453 g bag

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