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TheraBase is a dual-cured, calcium and fluoride releasing, self-adhesive base/liner.

  • Dual-Cured, Calcium and Fluoride-Releasing, Self-Adhesive Base/Liner

    TheraBase is a dual-cure, calcium and fluoride-releasing, self-adhesive base/liner. Utilizing the THERA technology, TheraBase chemically bonds to tooth structure, and releases and recharges calcium and fluoride ions.1 TheraBase’s calcium release generates an alkaline PH* which promotes pulp vitality.2 It is a dual-cured material that will polymerize even in deep restorations where light cannot reach.

    TheraBase is stronger and more durable than other base materials, glass ionomers and resin-modified glass ionomers.* Additionally, it is radiopaque allowing for easy identification on radiographs, providing a quick and effective diagnosis.

    Unique Benefits:

    • Continuous release of calcium and fluoride ions1
    • Self-adhesive, no bonding agents required
    • High compressive strength, absorbs shock and stress from occlusal forces without fracturing
    • Radiopaque, allows for identification on radiographs and effective diagnosis
    • Auto-mix, dual syringe provides a consistent mix for immediate delivery with zero to minimal waste of material
    • Dual-cured material that will cure even in deep restorations where light cannot reach


  • Clinical Benefits:

    • Generates an alkaline pH (pH=11*) in minutes, which promotes pulp vitality2
    • Contains the adhesion promoting monomer MDP, ensuring reliable and optimal bond to dentin3


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