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Sintered Diamond Bur 5756L

Sintered Diamond Bur 5756L

The “Diamass“ range of sintered diamonds includes a number of particularly powerful sintered diamonds with coarse and extra-coarse diamond grit in addition to a broad selection of instruments in fine and superfine grit. In conjunction with a high diamond concentration, which is progressively exposed during grinding, the specially developed metal bond results in significantly improved tool life and high cutting power. The use of sintered diamonds is recommended in particular for non-precious metals, especially partial frameworks (extracoarse to fine) and for ceramics (fine to superfine).

Diamass sintered diamonds are available with the following diamond grit:
  • SF - Superfine (yellow ring) 70 μm
  • F - Fine (red ring) 100 μm
  • G - Medium (blue ring) 165 μm
  • SG - Coarse (green ring) 200 μm
  • EG - Extracoarse (black ring) 250 μm
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