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Reveal HD Bulk Syringe (3g )

Reveal HD Bulk Syringe (3g )

Shade (3g)

REVEAL HD Bulk is a light-cured composite, optimized to allow for easier, faster posterior restorations by combining superior levels of handling, placement, and depth of cure.


Light-Cured Bulk Fill Composite

REVEAL HD Bulk is BISCO's new light-cured bulk fill restorative composite, optimized for simpler and faster posterior restorations.  REVEAL HD Bulk combines appropriate handling, depth of cure, and polishability, allowing clinicians to provide patients with functional and esthetic composites while saving valuable chair time.

Thanks to its HD Filler Technology, REVEAL HD Bulk allows for layering increments in 5-6 mm due to its predictable depth of cure.  BISCO has perfected a filler-resin system refractive index for superior light transmission, which means light can be effectively refracted and distributed through the material, allowing for optimized depth of cure.  The category-leading depth of cure allows for a strong restoration from the top-down so you can place the composite in a single-layer without the need for additional layers or placing a base/liner.

Unique Benefits

  • Category-leading depth of cure (5-6 mm increments)*
  • Exceptional radiopacity (4.0 mm Al)
  • Superior compressive strength (370 MPa)
  • Optimized handling and polishability via HD Filler Technology

Clinical Significance

  • Allows for single-layer bulk-filling technique –Saves time and money
  • Handling and non-stickiness makes placement easy, while ensuring voids are filled 


* Varies based on the shade selected. A1 ,A2, B1

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