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PRECIGEL, duplicating gel green

PRECIGEL, duplicating gel green

PRECIGEL duplicating gel green based on Agar Agar

for gypsum, phosphate bonded investment and self curing acrylic (cold) dental materials.

  • environmentally friendly, based on high quality natural algae
  • economical, clean gel can be reheated and reused


  • heat Precigel at 93,5 °C
  • working temperature: 46 - 50 °C
  • remove the model after total hardening

PRECIGEL, Gel for duplication, green, 6kg-without Ephedrin, Pseudoephedrin, Safrol: LPS/SPX

PRECIGEL duplicating gel green

Delivery: 6 kg Art.-Nr. 944-6000
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