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A volumizing, thick collagen scaffold, featuring GLYMATRIX technology

Its thick, multi-layered structure and its ability to expand when wet enables the expansion of the material which results in one of its main features: maintain volume.

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OSSIX Volumax adapts and adheres to the bone, offering excellent handling properties and ease of use, directly contributing to an improved procedure and long-term outcomes for the clinician, and a less traumatic experience for the patient.

Why choose OSSIX Volumax?

> Excellent handling, easy to use, adapts and adheres to the bone> Safe and effective

> Provides a better capacity to maintain volume and space under loading (up to ~2 mm)

> Positive effect on soft tissue quality

  • Intended Uses

    • For extra volume in lateral and vertical bone augmentation procedures
    • In socket preservation following any extraction procedure

    • In periodontal bony defects around teeth
    • To correct buccal bone loss in 2nd stage implant surgery
    • In one-stage implant procedures to ensure sufficient bone
    • To augment soft tissue in implants, pontic sites, masking of implants, etc (replacing connective tissue grafts)

    • To correct dehiscence type defects around implants

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