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Occlufast Rock 2 X 50ml

Occlufast Rock 2 X 50ml

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2 x 50 ml Cartridges + 6 Mixing Tips


• Imperceptible consistency: when patients close their mouth they do not have any perception of the material’s consistency

• 95 Shore A rigidity: its rigidity prevents compression and incorrect re-positioning. Allows easy trimming or milling

• Fast 60 secs: minimal time in the mouth ensures greater patient comfort and reduces possible errors due to minor jaw movements

• Thixotropic: OCCLUFAST ROCK allows easy control and positioning


• Easy to use and no air bubbles

• Control of positioning, does not drip

• Minimum thickness, virtually equal to zero

• Easy to trim or mill to eliminate excess material

Technical Data

Time in the mouth:                                         1:00 min

Reproduction of details:                                 20 µm

Dimensional variation (after 24 hours)           < -0,05 %

Final hardness:                                                95 Shore D


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