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Neocolloid is an alginate with an extended time in mouth recommended for removable prostheses.

Its specific characteristics make Neocolloid the ideal choice for dentists specialising in removable prostheses. The extended time in mouth allows dentists to reproduce the soft tissues with
absolute peace of mind*.

Recommended for removable prostheses by 95% of users*


• Time in mouth of 1 minute and 30 seconds

• Low viscosity


 Extended time in mouth: the time in mouth of 1 minute and 30 seconds is ideal for reproducing the soft tissues, making this the go-to product for removable prostheses*

 Low viscosity: to satisfy the needs of practitioners who prefer low-viscosity products

 High elasticity: allows the material to optimally return to its original form after the deformation that takes place when the impression is removed from the patient’s mouth


1 x 500 g bag

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