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LC-6 Light Oven

LC-6 Light Oven

Ref: 5610.1

High-capacity light polymerisation unit for up to 4 models and fixator. Its inner dimensions of 170 x 160 x 120 mm (W x D x H) offer enough space for articulated and mounted models. Six fluorescent light tubes (3 UVA and 3 blue light tubes) and an aluminium reflector guarantee homogeneous illumination. Two polymerisation times of 5 and 10 minutes are already pre-set in accordance with the light-curing DURASPLINT LC material. Continuous operation can also be set. Spectral range of the light curing device between 350 and 450 nm. Auto start function for easier application.

Technical Data

Power: 230 V

Dimensions (W × H × D): 240 X 180 x 270 mm

Weight: 3 kgs

3 years warranty, 10 years warranty on availability of spare parts

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