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JD Guided Surgery Kit

JD Guided Surgery Kit

Simplicity – One Kit for all JD implant lines
Let your hand be guided by the JD Guided Surgery kit! The complete solution to perform a minimally invasive surgery with more precision, increased predictability results with few simple guided surgery steps.

One kit for all JD implant lines from Ø2.75 to Ø5.0 mm and from length 6 to 15 mm.

guided surgery kit simplicity

Compatibility – User-friendly software design
A single kit compatible with the main software programs for guided surgery present on the market.

guided surgery kit compatibility

Precision – Guided implant depth control
High precision in surgical procedures: implants are placed to the planned depth using a surgical guide and the guided surgery instruments are used in combination with a single sleeve of Ø5.05 mm for a secure implant depth control.

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