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Hydrorise Putty Fast

Hydrorise Putty Fast


• At least 99%* elastic recovery*

• Dimensional stability for up to 21 days

• Tear resistance

• Biocompatible even on damaged mucosa

• 5 micron detail reproduction

• High hydrocompatibility

• One of the best contact angles on the market**


 Accurate and reliable impressions: elastic recovery of nearly 100% and tear resistance help maintain the impression’s accuracy even after its removal from the oral cavity

 Accuracy over time: the product’s dimensional stability helps maintain impression accuracy for up to 21 days

 Patient safety: biocompatibility even on damaged mucosa reduces the risk of irritating or sensitising the mucosae and oral tissues

 High precision: Hydrorise fluids achieve 5 micron detail reproduction, are highly hydrocompatible, and have one of the best contact angles on the market.


Type of Setting: Fast Type

Working time(including mixing time)**: 1:30

Type in Mouth**: 2:30

Settings Time*: 4:00

Elastic Recovery:  > 99.0 %

Linear dimensional change (after 24 h): < 0.20 %

Hardness (Shore A): 45 ± 2


300 ml + 300 ml cartridges (Base + Catalyst) + 2 spoon


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