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Hydrorise Implant Mono Quick

Hydrorise Implant Mono Quick


2 X 380ml Cartridges+15 MT


• 99,5% elastic recovery

• Dimensional stability for up to 21 days

• Tear resistance

• High final hardness

• Scannable even without reflective sprays

• Radiopacity


 Accurate and reliable impressions: elastic recovery of nearly 100% and tear resistance help maintain the impression’s accuracy even after its removal from the oral cavity

 Accuracy over time: the product’s dimensional stability helps maintain impression accuracy for up to 21 days

 Ideal combination of rigidity and elasticity: Hydrorise Implant Medium Body has the high rigidity needed to stabilise the transfer in the three-dimensional spatial position detected within the oral cavity and enough elasticity to ensure easy removal of the impression from the oral cavity.

 Safety for the patient and the professional: Hydrorise Implant Medium Body is radiopaque and therefore allows dentists to identify any subgingival material residues with a plain-film X-ray performed in the dental practice

 Facilitates access to digital work flows: Hydrorise Implant Medium Body is scannable even without using reflective sprays. Scannability facilitates access to digital work flows.

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