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Hydrogum 5

Hydrogum 5

Hydrogum 5 (Mangusten)  is a high-performance scannable alginate with 5 μm detail reproduction and 5 days of dimensional stability.


• Surface detail reproduction up to 5 micron

• 5 days of dimensional stability

• Can be scanned with structured light, structured blue light, blue laser and CBCT scanners without requiring the use of opacifier powders*

• Manual or automatic mixing


 High precision in surface detail reproduction for a more satisfactory end result

 High dimensional stability: helps maintain impression accuracy for up to 5 days after impression taking

 Scannability: facilitates access to digital work-flows and improves communication with the dental technician

 High elasticity: allows the material to optimally return to its original form

 High tear resistance: reduces the risk of the impression tearing when it is removed from the patient’s mouth

Clinical Times (Extra Fast)

Working time (including mixing time) 1' 05"

Time in mouth 0' 45"

Setting time 1' 50"

Pack Type

1 x 453 g bag

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