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HonorZir White - Zirconia Disc (SHTPW)

HonorZir White - Zirconia Disc (SHTPW)


SHTPW - Super High Translucency Plus White - Full ceramic restoration Zirconia material.

High translucency zirconia Honor Zir is the combination of high strength and high translucency, making it suitable for all indications in the restorative dentistry.

  • Using special raw material processing and manufacturing technique can make the material having brilliant translucency and bending strength. 
  • On the basis of ensuring the high strength of the material, the translucency of the material is better than SHT material. 
  • SHTPW material is the combination of high strength and high translucency which makes it more suitable for the dentistry.

A special raw material process with a new manufacturing method.

Bending Strength: > 1000Mpa
Color: White
Aesthetic: Super High Translucent

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