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Zhermack Lab

Gingifast Elastic

Gingifast Elastic

Gingifast addition silicones are conceived to reproduce gingival morphology on models in fixed prosthesis and implant applications. Zhermack proposes the most suitable gum mask for all types of application.

Gingifast Elastic guarantees excellent aesthetic results, thanks to its translucence and the presence of fibrils to give a natural effect. Particularly suitable in the presence of undercuts and thin thicknesses.


• Various hardnesses: Elastic 40 Shore A, Rigid 70 Shore A

• Setting time: 10:00

• Mixing ratio 1:1


• Compatible with the various techniques used to make artificial gums (direct and indirect)

• Excellent aesthetic results

• With the Gingifast CAD formula, very small mixing tips can be used reducing silicone waste


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