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Fanta V-Taper Rotary (Assorted- 6pcs)

Fanta V-Taper Rotary (Assorted- 6pcs)



Product Description

· AF™-R Wire Tech for Shaping Files

· AF™-H Wire Tech for Finishing Files

· 3 Shaping Files, 3 Finishing Files

· High elasticity of NITI Material

· Suitable for Curved Root Canal Preparation

· Special design for Variable Taper 6 Files


Length: 21mm/ 25mm

Size: VX:NC+ V1: Purple+ V2: White+ T1: Yellow+ T2: Red+ T3: Blue

Total 6 pcs/ Box

Unique Specification 

Rubber Stopper: Mark the place of the canal length and to identify the direction of file bending

Chimb Triangle: Convex triangle design, better cutting

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