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Elite HD+ Putty Soft Fast

Elite HD+ Putty Soft Fast

Hydrocompatibility of the fluids
• Thixotropy
• Tear resistance
• At least 99% elastic recovery
• Dimensional stability for up to 15 days
• Biocompatible even on damaged mucosae
• Colour contrast

• Application versatility: the range features 6 different consistencies and 4 different pack types (tubs, tubes, and 1:1 and 5:1 cartridges)
• Impression accuracy and precision: the hydrocompatibility of the washes helps practitioners obtain high-quality impressions
• Impression accuracy and reliability, due to its tear resistance and elastic recovery
• Dimensional stability even after disinfection
• Visual comfort: the colour contrast of the materials with different viscosities facilitates impression interpretation
• Safety for both patient and practitioner: products can be disinfected using disinfectants containing quaternary aluminium salts, mixtures of alcohol and surface tension reducers, whilst maintaining their characteristics of accuracy and dimensional stability even after disinfection

250 ml Base + 250 ml Catalyst tubs + 2 measuring spoons
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