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E-Value - Endo Motor

E-Value - Endo Motor

E-Value is the newest endodontic motor from Eighteeth.
Works with both rotary and reciprocating files. The main differences to the the E-xtreme endomotor, are: 1000 RPM motor, more programmes, and ATC mode.
Adaptive Torque Control (ATC): after reaching the preset torque limit, the motor will reciprocate according to the set angle to improve the efficiency of root canal enlargement.

Adjustable in all settings including rotation speed, torque, and direction but Smaller, Lighter, and Quieter than ever. 

Main Features:
  • Reciprocating, Forward and Reverse rotation
  • Adaptive Torque Control
  • Mini contra-angle for better visibility & easier posterior access.
  • Slim and compact design for maximum comfort and mobility.
  • 360° contra-angle rotation.
  • OLED colour screen
  • Built-in 10 customisable modes
  • Seamless shell body (easy to clean)
  • Eighteeth innovative brushless motor.
  • Long battery life (1900 mAh)
  • Only 137g (160g with c/a)
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