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DETON wax wire blue

DETON wax wire blue

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DETON Wax wire blue
Undesired tensions occur already during the production of the wax wire. We are pleased to be able to offer you a wax wire which is tension free due to a special extrusion method and micro-molecular wax used for production. A wax wire of medium hardness with a great internal stability which burns without residue is the result.

DETON Wax wire blue, medium strengthen in different

Ø 2,5 mm 250 g Art.-Nr. 741-2500
Ø 3,0 mm 250 g Art.-Nr. 742-3000
Ø 3,5 mm 250 g Art.-Nr. 743-3500
Ø 4,0 mm 250 g Art.-Nr. 744-4000
Ø 5,0 mm 250 g Art.-Nr. 745-5000
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