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DENU Sparkle Whitening Kit

DENU Sparkle Whitening Kit

Denu Sparkle Whitening Kit

Contains water soluble monomer for gel type bleaching A single application can generate excellent result


•Appropriate viscosity prevents the rundown during treatment

•Superb penetration power generates excellent whitening result

•Convenient packaging for single treatment

•Excellent color match with natural tooth

Suggested Applications 

-office bleaching

Storage [Important] - Make sure to store the whitening gel and H2O2 for use in refrigerator, not in freezer Package type [Separate type] - The whitening gel and H2O2 are separated. It enables to prolong the storage period when they are mixed together for use after storage


Whitening Kit 

-10 x 1.5ml whitening agent jars, 10 x3.7g H2O2 bottles


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