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Denu Root canal preparation EDTA cream

DENU EDTA Cream is intended for use during chemo-mechanical root canal rinsing and preparation. 

Surfactants contained in the product make the insertion of the cream into the root canal easier and minimize the danger of its impact or breakage in the root canal.

The activity of the disodium edetate is based on the reaction between EDTA and mineral components of the tooth’s hard tissues.

By absorption of calcium from the root canal, disodium edetate softens tissue and makes mechanical drainage of the root canal easier.

It is the best way for Cleaning and preparation of root canal, expansion of root canal and removal of smear layer.

Precise application and full comfort of use are possible because of the highest quality syringes used for our products.

Luer-lock thread and rubber plunger guarantee comfort and safety while working with the product.


•Root canal cleaner with unique formulation of glycol and urea peroxide

•Excellent chelation removes inorganic compound

•Lubrication provides easy instrument handling when root canal is shaped

•Tooth-colored pigment produces no pigmentation

•Perfect removal is possible after application

•Low viscosity of the creamy type provides high flowability and easy spraying into root canal

Suggested Applications -

Cleaning and preparation of root canal

- For expansion of root canal and removal of smear layer



- 2 x 6g syringes, disposable tips

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