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DENU Composite Resin

DENU Composite Resin

Light curing universal composite resin with Nano Hybrid Filler

Denu Composite Resin is water-soluble with the optimal biocompatibility and provides the high polymerization rate, low shrinkage with enhanced flexural rigidity.. Stickness and slumping is minimized to allow excellent usability for the application of all anterior and posterior teeth restorations(ClassⅠ~Ⅴ).

High strength and excellent watery soluble with optimum Nano filler
- Compressive strength 396: Mpa, Flexural strength: 175 Mpa, Hardness: 95Mpa
Excellent applicability(no stickiness) and easy application
Manifested clearly on X-ray scan, Highly polishable
The application of all anterior and posterior teeth restorations(ClassⅠ~Ⅴ)
Excellent color match with natural tooth

- Restoration for all anterior and posterior teeth sections(ClassⅠ~Ⅴ)
- Restoration to fractured anterior teeth
- Replacement of amalgam for esthetic purpose
- Core build-up

1 x 4g syringe / pack
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