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Curing Pen-E

Curing Pen-E

Curing Pen E- This Light So Bright

360° Rotatable Head
– Easy to illuminate various treatment areas

Small Light Tip
– Easy to access to posterior molars which offers a better patient experience

Ultra Power
– Light intensity now up to 3000mw/cm2
– High light intensity results in deeper cure depths which could curing resins more efficiently and with short time

Special Lens Design
– Unique lens design forms a concentrated beam for uniform curing

Broad Spectral Range 380 nm-515 nm
– Why the broad spectral range?
– Most of the resins use camphorquinone (CQ) materials, but some manufacturers choose alternative initiators such as TPO to reduce the yellow impact caused by CQ. TPO can only be activated by the light wave below 410nm. Curing Pen-E has a broad spectrum which could effectively cure different resins.

Technical Specifications of Curing Pen E:-

Dimension- 19 x 16.5 x 7.5 cm    Weight- 120 g
Lens Size- 8 mm
Power Supply- >1200 times 3000 mw/cm2, 3 Sec
Maximum Light Intensity- 3000 mw/cm2
Spectral Range- 380-515 nm
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