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Coritec 350i Loader Pro+

Coritec 350i Loader Pro+

The Automated All-In-One Solution

An innovative machine concept that meets all the requirements of the modern CAD/CAM process. The extremely stable construction enables the processing of all relevant materials in wet and dry machining. Optional with fully automatic 12-position blank changer, the system enables versatile machining in 24-hour operation. The zero-point clamping system offers maximum flexibility for a wide range of applicatitions.

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All-In-One Solution

Zirconia, Pre-milled Abutment (Ti), Pre-milled Abutment (CoCr), Cobalt-chrome, Glass ceramic, Lithium disilicate ,Hybrid ceramic, Sintered metal, Composite, PEEK, PMMA, Wax

Key Specification

  • servo with absolute encoder
  • 32.000 Inc (0.15 µm) resolution
  • polymer concrete, steel rails
  • 15″ HD touchscreen
  • shiny design, LED illumination
  • 12-fold automatic blank changer
  • zero point clamping system inclusive
  • 8 stainless steel blank holder
  • 3.6 kW spindle power
  • 3 hybrid spindle bearings
  • 6 mm collet (self-cleaning)
  • water cooled spindle
    • Monitor
      CORiTEC 350i PRO/Loader PRO:  integrated 15" HD touchscreen
      CORiTEC 350i PRO+/Loader PRO+: integrated 15" HD touchscreen
    • Control Software
      CORiTEC Remote Dental 3.0
      integrated CNC software

    • Spindle type
      High frequency spindle
    • Blank changer
      CORiTEC 350i PRO/PRO+: manual 1-fold blank holder
      CORiTEC 350i Loader PRO/Loader PRO+:  automatic 12 blank changer
    • Tool changer
      20-fold tool changer
    • Max. rotational speed / spindle power
      CORiTEC 350i PRO/Loader PRO:  60.000 U/min, 1.0 kW
      CORiTEC 350i PRO+/Loader PRO+: 60.000 U/min, 2.6 KW
    • Cooling
      4.8 liter / 18.17 gpm tank integrated 
    • Air pressure
      External air pressure required
      6.5 - 9.0bar @ 80l/min
    • Tool length control
      ≤ 0.002 mm precision
    • Tools
      Milling and grinding tools with 6 mm diameter

Smart High End Solution - iCAM V5

  • 5-axis simultaneous machining and/or 3 + 2 machining to reach undercuts
  • No annual license fees
  • Unlimited term
  • Fully automatic and easy operations with “Wizard Workflow“
  • „ReFit“-Abutment exchange geometries
  • Placing retaining bridges across jobs

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