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FINALE Wax Smoothing Liquid

FINALE Wax Smoothing Liquid

FINALE Wax Smoothing Liquid
  • smoother surfaces of wax modellations, scratches and uneven surfaces dissappear
  • slim layer - approx. 2-3 my
  • good adaption to the wax surface
  • short drying time - depending on the layer thickness 1 - 3 minutes
  • better casting results - smooth and homogeneous surfaces
  • shorter finishing time
Fields of application:
  • Smoothening of wax surfaces - occlusal areas, wax modellations within the denture technique
  • reinforcement of contact points
  • casting technique
  • smoothening of wax profiles and contact points
  • sealing of finest fissures between plaster and wax profiles
  • avoids the flowing in of investment material

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