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Choice 2 Veneer Cementation

Choice 2 Veneer Cementation


Choice 2 Veneer Cementation

Choice 2 is a light-cured luting cement designed specifically for cementation of porcelain, zironica, and composite veneers. Choice 2 exhibits color stability which is a critical factor in esthetic veneer cementation. A range of VITA®* shades as well as chromatic shades are available allowing for flexibility to achieve high esthetics. Corresponding try-in pastes (sold separately) are available for shade confirmation prior to final cementation.

Unique Benefits:

  • Choice 2 is specifically formulated for color stability (Delta E <1.2**) resulting in high esthetics
  • Excellent physical properties ensure the restoration will stand up to significant pressure and stress that is placed on veneers daily
  • Highly filled resin cement enhances the overall strength of the restoration
  • Low film thickness ensures veneers are completely seated
  • Corresponding try-in pastes confirm shade selection prior to cementation

Clinical Significance:

  • Choice 2 cement will not change (shade shift) over time, a problem that can occur with dual-cured systems
  • A multitude of shades ensures that the final restoration blends well and is natural looking for any patient


A1, A2, A3, B1, Translucent, Milky Opaque, Milky Bright

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