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Brilliance 48° - Dental Loupes

Brilliance 48° - Dental Loupes

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Ergonomic Loupes

  • No Need to bow your neck and bend over relieve shoulder and neck fatigue and prolong dentist's career
  • Refractives protect your neck
  • Wide field of view and 4.9X-5.6X variable magnification
  • Independently Adjustable Focus
  • Variable Magnification (with WD adjustment)
  • Reduce Eye fatigue with asynchronous PD adjustment
  • Adjustable pupil height
  • Clear and Sharp edge of the view
  • Schott Glass and Multi-layer coating technology
  • Aerospace-grade aluminum magnesium alloy
  • Lenses can be easily replaced with myopia lenses
  • Wireless Z Headlight easy Mount
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