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Fanta C-Path Rotary File (Assorted- 4pcs)

Fanta C-Path Rotary File (Assorted- 4pcs)

Taper Size

Product Description

·  AF-L Wire Tech

·  Respect To The canal Anatomy

·  Glide Path Management

The Path files replace the hand files #10,#15, #20, and scout the root canal with good concentricity and high smoothness, and the continuous high-speed rotation can bring the debris upwards. Prevent debris from being pushed in apical direction.


Length: 21mm / 25mm / 31mm

1 x Open File: #17/08
1 x Rotary File:  Size- 13, Taper- 02
1 x Rotary File:  Size- 16, Taper- 02
1 x Rotary File:  Size- 19, Taper- 02

Total 4 pcs/ Box

 Unique Specification

 1. Use #10 K file to explore the root canal
2. Open the orifice by orifice opener
3. Always keep the instrument, especially one-third of the apical area, fully 
lubricated. EDTA lubricants are recommended. 
4. Use in pecking motion to ensure that the instrument does not stop at a certain 
point in the root canal. 
5. Do not reach the working length at one time, and irrigate the root canal
every 4 mm. 
6. Ensure that each instrument can make a smooth, repeatable access to endure 
that the subsequent instruments are smoothly "sliding" forward. 

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