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Aeliteflo Flowable Composites

Aeliteflo Flowable Composites

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BISCO’s flowable composites are versatile and can be dispensed and injected into the preparation without dripping or slumping.

AELITEFLO is a light-cured composite with flow characteristics which make it ideal for Class V restorations, as well as Class III`s and small Class IV`s. Other uses of this material are as a liner for Class I and II restorations, pit and fissure sealants, the repair of marginal defects, small core build-ups, blocking out undercuts, porcelain repair, porcelain veneer cementation or as a flowable composite for bonding fibrous splints into place. FLEXIBLE AELITEFLO was specially developed with a patented long chain monomer which supplements the conventional Bis-GMA resin to provide a more elastic composite. This allows restorations to flex with the tooth for improved marginal integrity and overall restoration longevity.


Low modulus of elasticity microscopically bends with the natural flexure of the tooth to prevent de-bonding and marginal breakdown, especially in Class V restorations

• Flowable composite can be easily dispensed and injected into the preparation without dripping and slumping

• Uniform particle size is easily polished and stain resistant • Glass-filler provides excellent wear resistance and strength


A1, A2, A3,B1, Opaque White, 

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