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Aeliteflo™ LV low viscosity flowable resin based composite

Aeliteflo™ LV low viscosity flowable resin based composite

BISCO's flowable composites are versatile and can be dispensed and injected into the preparation without dripping or slumping.

Radiopaque Low Viscosity Composite Aeliteflo LV is a multi-use flowable resin-based composite with high radiopacity.

Unique Benefits

-Extremely easy handling for effortless adaption to dentition Microhybrid formula provides outstanding strength 

Clinical Significance

-Aeliteflo LV exhibits superior radiopacity for easy detection on radiographs

Features & Benefits

-Low Viscosity Flowable, resin based composite allows for effortless adaption to dentin.

 -Easy Handling

-Extremely easy handling for excellent adaptation to dentin. 

-Superior radiopacity (2.72 mm Al) for easy detection on radiographs.


-Multi-use flowable composite ideal for blocking undercuts, pit and fissure sealant, preventative resin restoration, and as a dentin liner.


-High polish and gloss for improved esthetics.

-High Compressive Strength

-Superior compressive strength at 288 MPa.


Shade A2 :1 Syringe (1.5g)

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