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Aelite Reinforced Nanofil Composite

Aelite Reinforced Nanofil Composite


Reinforced Nanofil Composite
Aelite Aesthetic Enamel is a light-cured, highly reinforced, nanofil composite with a complete range of VITA®* shades as well as three incisal shades. Aelite Aesthetic Enamel has high strength and can be placed as the enamel layer in both posterior and anterior restorations. Aelite Aesthetic Enamel has excellent polishability due to the nano-sized filler particles, making it suitable and desirable for anterior restorations. The reinforcing filler gives Aelite Aesthetic Enamel maximum strength and durability not typically seen in a nanofil composite

Unique Benefits:

  • Highly reinforced nanofil composite offers exceptional polishability and exhibits excellent polish retention
  • Reinforcing fillers increase strength and stop crack propagation
  • Endures load in stress bearing areas due to its high flexural strength
  • Sculptable composite offers great handling with ease of placement

Clinical Significance:

  • With Aelite Aesthetic Enamel, the clinician can create the most esthetic anterior and posterior restorations that polish to the highest luster
  • The high flexural strength and low wear level on Aelite Aesthetic Enamel also make it a superior material for the enamel layer of aesthetic posterior restorations



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