EVOLAB is designed and dedicated to furnish dental labs and is characterised by its broad modularity of applicable elements.This line satisfies all related requirements of dental labs’ activities such as modeling, prosthesis, ceramics, refining, plastering and fusing.The compositions may be configured “as a whole” or suspended to grant ideal hygienic floor conditions.
Most distinguishing features are: front closing carter, podiums, outer cap, profiled tops and fronts to refine the esthetic part of the EVOLAB.



This is demonstrated by these services and features:
  • 2D and 3D designing of the work premises to be furnished
  • Customization, based on clients‘ characteristics and specifications
  • Broad choice of handles in different shapes and finishings (chromed, anodized, satined)
  • Selection of worktops – realizable in different technical, synthetical and natural materials