A Comprehensive Guide to Stein Dental Fiber Posts

Fiber posts are widely used in the restoration of endodontically treated teeth. Stein Fiber Post are Radiopaque Glass Fiber Endo Posts that enable precise placement and monitoring possible by making them easy to identify on dental X-rays. Stein fiber post is designed for easy adaptation and modification during placement, ensuring a precise fit within the root canal. With its high strength and resilience, the Stein Fiber Post is strong and resistant to fractures, providing long-lasting support to dental restorations. To facilitate precise and secure installation into the root canal, Stein fiber posts come with a customized drill that ensures a perfect fit with the post.


  1. Use specific drills to prepare the post space in the tooth.
  2. Perform a trial fit of the Fiber posts and determine the desired length.
  3. After etching and rinsing the canal, apply adhesive to the tooth.
  4. Apply dual cure resin cement and core build-up material.

Fiber Post For Strengthening Teeth After Root Canal Treatment

Fiber post appliance is done through a post which is backed by root canal if there isn’t any healthy dentine yet roots are still functioning. Tools like screws and nails are called “post”. With fiber post aiming at strengthening tooth root, tooth fractures and losses caused by material deficiency are prevented.

Fiber posts provide a structure and help in rebuilding the lost tooth material. It strengthens the tooth after a root canal treatment and prevents further complications. It allows the tooth to function normally and saves it from being extracted. Fiber posts form an essential part of conservative treatments for heavily damaged teeth.

Preparation of the Canal

First, your dentist Specialists will open the tooth by removing the infected structure.


Next, the tooth roots are emptied and cleaned.

Preparation of the Post

Once done, fiber posts, depending upon the number of roots, are placed inside the canal. The remaining root canal is filled with a root canal-filling material.

Cementation Post

The fiber post extends a little into the crown portion. This forms a foundation for the filling material. The lost structure is rebuilt around the fiber post.


If there is not an excessive deficiency of material on the tooth which received root canal treatment, the tooth must be filled with standard filling. If there is an excessive deficiency, Inlay & Onlay Treatments, which will prevent the tooth from fracturing must be applied. If there is no dentine left but roots are healthy, crowning must be done with the support of a post.


A bunch made of fiber is placed with getting support from tooth root and composite filling is applied on this fiber bunch. With this composite filling, either the filling process is completed or a worn tooth shape is given to the composite filling and the tooth becomes ready for crowning. Only filling, fiber-backed filling and post core are advantageous options when there is no healthy dentition left.

The Advantages of Fiber Post Treatment

Fiber Post Treatment is also a confidential appliance apart from enabling the patient to earn lost tooth functions and aesthetic back. The advantages of post core which is a fast treatment are:

  • The tooth suffering from excessive material deficiency is strengthened through placing fiber bunches in tooth root.
  • Durability of the tooth is increased through a fiber bunch which is supported by both tooth root and crown.
  • It halts the infections in tooth.
  • It prevents the loss of tooth.
  • It helps the treatment of cavities and tooth fractures.
  • It refreshes the tooth.
  • It prevents the infection from reaching the tissues of root apex.
  • It is advantageous in terms of increasing the quality of life as it prevents the patients from becoming edentulous.

It is vital to remember that although we now have a wide variety of brilliant teeth replacement options, nothing can compare to our original teeth. Therefore, dentists will do their all to preserve and save your natural teeth, and fiber posts are one such method of doing so.

If you wish to save your patients pearly whites and have a glistening smile, then reach out to us today. Our team of excellent marketing professionals is here to assist you with excellent materials.







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