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Sandblasater Idea Pro (2 Tanks) + Nozzle

Sandblasater Idea Pro (2 Tanks) + Nozzle

Innovative high–performance blasting centre featuring attractive design.
The unit incorporates:
– soft shape ergonomic working chamber with appealing design where the agressive corundum suitable to remove investment through a powerful recirculating blasting projector is accomodated.
– two disposable microblasting tanks for aluminium oxide or polishing microbeads
– a convenient basin which can be easily removed to replace the worn-out abrasive
Peculiar feature of this unit is the possibility to upgrade it with two additional microblasting tanks thus achieving the most complete version with five distinct operating functions.
The standard configuration includes the complete outfit to assure ideal performance and incorporates the new LED lighting system for pure white light emission.

Recirculating abrasive method: Yes (devesting projector with Ø3,0mm nozzle)
Microblasting Tanks: 2 standard + 2 optional
Abrasive heating system:  No
Available nozzles: 0,8mm suitable for abrasive range from 75 to 95my; 1,2mm for abrasive range from 95 to 110my – 0,5mm for 50my; 2,0mm for 250my
Air treatment unit: filter, pressure reducer, pressure gauge
Operation: electric foot-control and flow selector
Gloves: durable, long-lasting rubber
Possibility of connection to an electric dust extractor with automatic operation
Overall dimensions: 450×400 at the base (500 total) x 480h
Working pressure: 2,5-6,0 BAR (devesting) – 1,5-5,0 BAR (microblasting)
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