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Phrozen Ultra-Sonic Cleaner

Phrozen Ultra-Sonic Cleaner

Ultra-Sonic Cleaner, 200-240V

Worried about how to clean up after you're done printing Phrozen's Ultra-Sonic Cleaner is here for you. This device works best to clean up 3D models that are printed with SLA/DLP techniques.

The Ultra-Sonic Cleaner has a heat control system of up to 100 Watt and a digital timer that has a set time from 1 minute to 30 minutes. You can choose the standard European or the American plug during purchase. As a safety precaution, we utilize a double fuse system for powering.


  • Heating Control System (100W). Controlling range: 20 - 80 degrees C
  • Digital Control Ultrasonic Time: Controlling range: 1 - 30 min
  • Safety: We have a double fuse power system


  • Product Size: L18 x W16.5 x H24 cm
  • Inner Capacity: L14 x W13 x H9 cm
  • Weight: 2.5 kg
  • Interior Material: SUS 304 at 1.1mm thickness
  • Voltage:AC100-120V / AC200-240V
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