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IMPRIMO Model Separator

IMPRIMO Model Separator

Ref: 6551.1

Water-based, blue-transparent gel for the insulation of 3D-printed models in 
the fabrication of removable orthodontic appliances. By forming an even film 
on the model, an optimal insulating effect is ensured between IMPRIMO® LC 
printer resins and STEADY-RESIN self-curing resins.

Apply thinly with a brush and allow to dry thoroughly. Not suitable for 3D 
models generated by a filament printer.

Available as 100 ml pump bottle incl. brush or as refill in 500 ml refill bottle. 
STL data set for 3D printing of rack for pump bottle and brush available as 

Contains no volatile organic solvents. Product is not hazardous in terms of the 
transport guidelines.

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