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Vacuum Mixer Mod. Mix R Program

Vacuum Mixer Mod. Mix R Program

MIX-R Program Vacuum mixer is an electric device which has been specifically studied to mix under vacuum and in the most correct way plasters, investment, alginates and silicon compounds currently used in dental labs, cabinets and in the jewellery field, assuring bubble-free mixing provided operating time and mode are observed. MIX-R Program may be stiff wall-mounted or be positioned on its bench stand.

A wide selection of mixing bowls is available ranging from 200cc up to 2.000cc to meet with any working requirement. The unit is fully outfitted including all the accessories for a quick and smooth operation, it is versatile and powerful.

MIX-R program is equipped with a gear motor in direct drive with the propeller shaft, a piston-operated dry vacuum pump absolutely maintenance-free, protected by efficient filter.

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