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StarCeram Z-Smile Pure 600 MP

StarCeram Z-Smile Pure 600 MP


STARCERAM® Z-Smile and STARCERAM® Z-Smile Colour High Translucent

Zirconium Oxide Dental Blanks in Pre-coloured Versions H.C. Starck Ceramics is an experienced and certified manufacturer of dental blanks made from different types of zirconium oxide.

With our longstanding expertise and single isostatic pressing method, we achieve consistent product quality from batch to batch. This is accomplished by using specifically defined production parameters for each material type and raw material batch.


Translucency:               49%

Flexural Strength:        600+/-100

Sintered Density:        > 6,00

Thermal Expansion:     10,4

Sintering Temperature: 1450°C

Indication: Mostly full contour crowns, up to 3-unit full contour bridges, but also copings, up to 3-unit bridges

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