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StarCeram® Complete

StarCeram® Complete

All-new StarCeram® complete are specially developed 2D and 3D pastes for the esthetic finalization and characterization of all-ceramic monolithic restorations made to measure for StarCeram® blanks. The StarCeram® complete set contains 15 different pastes color-coordinated 2D and 3D pastes. Furthermore, it includes special fluids, which are miscible with the pastes as well as brushes for designing.

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  • 2D pastes provide translucency

    The combination of the small particle size with the translucency of the 2D pastes allows the tooth colour, brightness level and depth effect of the restoration to be optimised. The fluorescence of the pastes has been matched to that of real teeth in order to also give all-ceramic work a natural appearance.

  • 3D pastes create depth

    The combination of slightly larger ceramic particles with a thixotropic paste allows the incisal and occlusal surfaces to be shaped and contact points to be precisely placed. The firing stability of the 3D pastes ensures that the desired morphology is maintained. The translucency and opalescence of the ready-to-use 3D incisals allow a vivid depth effect to be created.

  • StarCeram® offers maximum flexibility

    The StarCeram 2D and 3D pastes are felxible and versatile, as it is possible to mix all colours together. The aesthetic result obtained following firing is thus always immediately visible. In addition, workflow efficiency can be increased by adding the glaze paste(s) in just one step, saving time and energy.


  • Simple and fast handling thanks to ready-to-use mixed ceramic pastes.
  • Maximum aesthetics thanks to the color-coordinated pastes.
  • Shape corrections and the application of contact points are possible with the 3D pastes.
  • No processing limits.
  • Morphology can be freely designed thanks to 3D pastes.
  • Almost all shades can be achieved
    (VITAclassical®*, 16 shades; and many other individual shades).
  • All 2D and 3D pastes and liquids are compatible with each other.
  • Usable for up to 30 months.
  • High process reliability – visible results already before firing.
  • Outstanding viscosity of the pastes.
  • No firing between the application of the different pastes – only one firing needed.
  • To be a part of the Dental German Workflow.

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