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Duo-Link Universal™ with Universal Primer™ Kit

Duo-Link Universal™ with Universal Primer™ Kit

1 Dual-Syringe Duo-Link Universal Shade: Universal (8g), 1 Bottle ea. Universal Primer Parts A & B (6ml ea.), 1 Bottle Z-Prime Plus (2ml), 1 Bottle Porcelain Primer (3ml), Accessories, Instructions

The Duo-Link Universal with Universal Primer Kit is an adhesive cementation system designed to effectively address the cementation of your indirect restorations for optimal performance and esthetics. This combination offers superior bond strength and long-term clinical results.

Resin Luting Cement

Duo-Link Universal adhesive resin cement is specially formulated for cementation of ALL* indirect restorations. It is intended for use with adhesives designed for compatibility with all dental materials, including all BISCO adhesives.

Duo-Link Universal is compatible with all dental materials, however when coupled with BISCO’s All-Bond Universal® light-cured adhesive, Z-Prime™ Plus and Porcelain Primer is the ultimate product combination for all indirect restorations. The Duo-Link Universal Kit is a comprehensive, easy to use kit that will help simplify product selection and procedures in your office.

Unique Benefits:

  • Easily identified on radiographs for quick and effective diagnosis
  • Ideal for all CAD/CAM restorations
  • Low film thickness ensures the restoration is completely seated
  • Available in two esthetic shades, Universal and Milky White
  • Auto-mix dual-syringe guarantees a perfect mix, easy placement and limited waste

Clinical Significance:

  • Formulated to allow for quick and easy removal of excess cement
  • Extremely high degree of conversion in both light- and self-cured modes ensures a strong, long lasting restoration
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