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DENU Fluoride Gel

DENU Fluoride Gel

Contains fluoride compounds and is used for dental care such as caries prevention by slightly biting a fluoride gel tray with fluoride gel filled
Flavor : Strawberry, Orange, Peach
Natural dental care including caries prevention
Contains fluoride ion (1.23%), xylitol and vitamin E
Ionite APF Thixotropic gel vitrifies within 1 minute
Does not flow down when the gel is filled in the tray
Effectiveness varies depending on the biting time of the fluoride gel tray filled with the fluoride gel (1 minute: 80% effective, 4 minutes: 100% effective)

[Special attention should be paid not to swallow the remaining fluoride gel and to spit it all. Eating is prohibited within 1 hour after the gel is applied.]

- Caries prevention using a fluoride gel tray
1 x 500ml bottle
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