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A-Silicone paste platinum 95

A-Silicone paste platinum 95


A-Silicone paste platinum, 95 1kgBase+1kgCatalyst

Platinum is a high precision addition silicone available in 95, 85, 85 TOUCH or 75 CAD versions. All silicones in the line are characterised by excellent dimensional stability, short working times and ease of use.

Zhermack offers a complete system of putty silicones with different hardnesses, delivering high performance in numerous applications, including dental aesthetics. To satisfy the various needs of daily practice, Platinum 75 CAD silicone is designed for scanning with CAD/CAM systems and is ideal in combination with Platinum 95 for excellent reproduction of details.

Recommended to make masks and counter-moulds.


• Availability in a wide range of hardnesses

• Accurate reproduction of details

• Resistant to heat up to 200°C

• Mixing ratio 1:1


• Can be used for long processes (for example, implants with diagnostic wax-up) without altering the dimensional references

• Can be used with thermoplastic materials, thanks to heat resistance of up to 200°C

• Easy to work, including with a bur

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